Code Description
01796EnOcean 1-relay actuator
0180129V 800mA supply unit
01839Bus removable 2-contact terminal
01845Line coupler
01846Interface emergency devices-By-me
0184914-channel IR remote control
01850.2Relay actuator
01851.24-relay actuator
01852.2Actuator for 2 roller blind laths
01853MASTER dimmer 40-500W/40-300VA
01853.120MASTER dimmer 120V 500W/VA
01854SLAVE dimmer 40-500W/40-300VA
01854.120SLAVE dimmer 120V 500W/VA
01855Load control module
01856Actuator 0-10Vd.c. ballast control +rela
01857.120MASTER dimmer 120V 40-400VA
01858.120SLAVE dimmer 120V 40-400VA
01861MASTER dimmer 230V 1000W/VA
01862SLAVE dimmer 230V 1000W/VA
01863MASTER dimmer 230V 800W/VA
01864SLAVE dimmer 230V 800W/VA
01865MASTER dimmer 230V 700VA
01866SLAVE dimmer 230V 700VA
01867MASTER dimmer 230V 500VA
01868SLAVE dimmer 230V 500VA
01870MASTER dimmer 230V
01870.120MASTER dimmer 120V
01871SLAVE dimmer 230V
01871.120SLAVE dimmer 120V
01902Sound system decoupling
01903Shunt for devices
01945Web server DIN
01965By-me module f/Due Fili video door unit
01970Supply unit from 12-24V to 29V
019714-relay actuator 24V
01973Dimmer 12-24V MARINE
01975Actuator 1-10Vd.c. LED 120-230V MARINE
01976Actuator 1-10Vd.c. LED 12-24V MARINE
01978Actuator PWM for LED 12-24V relay MARINE
01980Supply unit from 120-230V to 29V
01981.14-relay actuator MARINE
01982.1Relay actuator 2 roller blinds MARINE
01983MASTER dimmer 120V 500W/VA
01984SLAVE dimmer 120V 500W/VA
01985.120MASTER dimmer 120V MARINE
01986.120SLAVE dimmer 120V MARINE

Surface mounting equipments / Systems / Domotics - devices

01975 - Actuator 1-10Vd.c. LED 120-230V MARINE